Learning outcomes

Getting started with Gradle just got much easier

  • Be effective working in basic Gradle projects

  • Know how to create and build Java projects in Gradle

  • Understand the Gradle fundamentals

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Get Going with Gradle

    • Introduction to Gradle

    • Installing Gradle (practical)

    • Gradle project structure

    • Creating your first Gradle project (practical)

    • How Gradle works with Java

    • Building a Java project with Gradle

    • Groovy essentials for Gradle

    • The task graph

    • Quiz

    • Quick course survey

Over 1 hour of high quality lessons

Learn through video tutorials, practical lessons, and a quiz

Gradle lesson

Student reviews

5 star rating

Simple yet complete course

Maurizio Fassone


  • Is this course really free?

    That's right. People have found the Gradle content on my website and YouTube channel helpful, so I decided to bring it all together in this free introductory course.

  • What level is this course?

    It's ideal for anyone whose just getting started with Gradle. It's also relevant if you've been using Gradle for a while, but want to learn more about the fundamentals.